Meet Our Team

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Moses Lee
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Mariah Smith
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Samara Hohl
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Joshua Clark
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Daniel Smith
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Northgate Internship Program exists to identify, develop, and send young leaders of character who are passionate about Jesus and His Church. The Northgate Internship Program was created in 2017 out of a burden to see young adults identified, developed, and sent to change a valley, a nation, and the world. This 10-month program is designed to give young adults (ages 18-25) a comprehensive view of the Bible, local church ministry, and both local and global mission.

In an age of moral relativity, materialism, and Biblical illiteracy, we partner with local churches and Christian educational institutions across the country in raising up young adults of integrity who know what it means to live a life of sacrifice, in true submission to Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and a thorough understanding of God.