In April, as a team we will be heading off to Thailand in partnership with Imagine Thailand, a Thai-Canadian humanitarian aid organization. The main purpose of our trip is to increase the team’s global awareness through service in an international missions context, while championing and building momentum for the work of our mission’s partners. In Thailand our work will focus on community development through teaching ESL, building relationship with elementary and university-aged students, as well as some involvement in various relief and development initiatives.


Each year, a key component of our team’s ministry experience is serving at the main Christian high school in the Comox Valley, Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Academy, where we serve as ministry leaders and oversee the high school chapels, campus events, and student leadership. Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Academy has been the premier elementary and secondary school institution for Christian education at a K-12 level in the Comox Valley for the last 30+ years. We consider it a privilege to be serve the students at Phil and Jennie Gaglardi in the capacity that we do!